401(K)ids Plan

Invest in Children

Through his estate, Josiah White made an investment to help “the most deserted children”. His investment has proven to be a remarkable decision full of foresight, wisdom and long-term impact. Josiah could not have imagined that his investment would result in such growth and success throughout generations.

You can become a part of that vision in a significant and easy way through the 401(K)ids Plan. Similar to your 401(k) in which you invest for retirement, this monthly giving plan invests in the very things that make White’s so successful with the children in our care.

The 401(K)ids monthly giving plan supports Friend of a Child activities that enrich the lives of the children we serve. The children and teens at White’s depend upon the support of our donors to meet their educational, social, athletic, spiritual and cultural needs through enrichment experiences.

To participate, you make a monthly investment — the amount is up to you. This can be done conveniently and securely through a check, Electronic Funds Transfer from your checking account or through an automatic charge to your credit card.

Your investment dividends are children having the chance to be introduced to experiences that they might never have had otherwise. Every dollar you give directly funds experiences that White’s provides for these children — chapel services, field trips, cultural outings, camps, sporting events, summer school and exposure to Christian teaching. As the monthly giving program for Friend of a Child, your 401(K)ids gifts provide the nurturing experiences that every child should have. Your participation will touch a child today and impact that young adult of tomorrow.

If you would like to donate to White’s, please click here.