For more than 160 years, White’s has attracted highly qualified and skilled professionals whose calling in life is to put their talents and treasures to work in a way that positively impacts families in crisis.  Across its regional offices and the Wabash and Northwest campuses, White’s employs approximately 220 Hoosiers and prides itself on being more than a place to work – it’s an organization where employees can grow in their careers and faith while contributing to the restoration of families and children in need.

Employee Development

White’s recognizes the importance of providing employees with ongoing opportunities for professional development and career advancement.  Our organization consists of a variety of entry-level positions that progress into higher level, skilled and credentialed positions.  Employees are encouraged to achieve higher education and credentialing that enables them to promote within our organization. We strategically plan our agency’s future with the interests and talents of our current employees in mind.

White’s believes that all staff, regardless of level or location,  should be informed and maintain a solid understanding of the organization as a whole, not just their niche area of focus.  Through opportunities to serve on a variety of employee committees and on-going communication efforts, employees accept greater ownership of their roles and become exposed to peripheral areas of the business that they can impact in new, creative ways and even move into as their interests develop.


White’s values its employees and their personal lives.  We place an emphasis on work-life balance; our culture is one that recognizes and values the significance and importance of family.  To that end, we offer flexible work arrangements when possible, and we encourage the use of paid time off for the sake of maintaining personal and spiritual well-being.

White’s offers exceptional benefits package, including:

  • Comprehensive health plan that includes a wellness emphasis
  • Dental insurance
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Emphasis on growing in faith
  • Family-like workplace environment

White’s Residential & Family Services does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, age or disability.


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