White’s provides hope for children, teens and families in need of direction, and offers services that challenge them to live lives of character, stability and service to others.

White’s is committed to helping redirect, rebuild and restore troubled children, teens and families. Our services are rooted in a faith-based, Christ-centered perspective that emphasizes compassion and caring. This approach is shaped by more than 160 years of experience, and honed through evidence-based practices. We work to enrich the lives of children, teens and families through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth by delivering the right services at the right time.

We are more than a faith-based organization; we are a faith-living organization.

More than anything else, White’s is a family. These are our children. And we accept and love them unconditionally just as Christ loves us.

Our children experience a change for good. Their perception of themselves and others has changed. Their understanding of life has changed. They become caring people and move into life with confidence. Their experience at White’s can never be taken from them. Our continuum of care offers the chance for hurting children — no matter their age, background, or situation — to receive the care, treatment, structure and counseling they need to experience healing.