Compass Rose Academy

Compass Rose provides services that help equip teen girls and families with the resources they need to improve family functioning.

As a Christ-centered organization, we are committed to enriching the lives of teens and families. Programs include both prevention services and a residential treatment center, to help teen girls and their families from around the country succeed at home and in life.

The residential treatment center operates a 9- to 12-month program for 14- to17-year-old junior high and high school students.

Designed to expand upon White’s overall mission by preserving the well-being of teens and families, Compass Rose is a private program for teen girls who have not yet entered the juvenile justice system.

Compass Rose Academy’s unique clinical growth model goes beyond symptom reduction to address problems at their source by accurately diagnosing and treating issues in key areas of the internal character structure: Bonding, Boundaries, Reality and Competence.

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