Therapeutic Foster Care

White’s therapeutic program is intentionally multi-faceted with the foster parents viewed as the chief therapeutic agents in the foster child’s life. All through the parenting process, foster parents have the support of a treatment team.

White’s foster parents receive training in therapeutic parenting to help them meet the specific needs of the children in their care. The desired endpoint of this training is healing and wholeness, preparing the children for reunification, adoption or independent living.

The learning process starts with training to meet a child’s needs for safety, physical care, structure, stability and nurturing. Recognizing that the best time to learn is when an issue is at hand, foster parents are encouraged to take advantage of the teachable moments they have with their kids.

White’s foster parents teach social skills, give guidance and, most importantly, provide opportunities for spiritual development. An integral part of the foster care program is addressing the spiritual needs of children. For this reason, involvement in church life is something all of our parents consider to be a top priority and essential.

Foster parents are assisted in this work by a White’s “family specialist” who provides support and guidance to the foster parent and also works directly with the foster child via basic counseling, skills training, psychological education, etc. A regional manager and the clinical supervisor provide master’s-level case supervision.

Additional supplemental services are arranged as needed. Generally, these include professional counseling and psychiatric services in the local community. Various developmental therapies, tutoring, job training, etc. are also secured in the local community when indicated.